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Rudolph B. Smith founded Pixelating Bits in 2010, and after five years, he was able to officially take the role of the CEO after our company went public. Our primary focus is web development but what we do is help build brands. Pixelating Bits started as a local organization that only worked with individuals and small businesses. Still, with time we could grow past our comfort zone and serve intentional clients in different countries. Our philosophy is quality over quantity.

This company has grown because it has consistently delivered quality clients to every client. We always value people who work with us and support Pixelating Bits. by doing so, and we develop a mutual relationship whereby each party benefits. Apart from business Pixelating Bits understands its community social responsibility; even though we are not bound by law to care about our communities, we do so.


We will build your brand for you.

Pixelating Bits believes in diversity and togetherness; thus, Pixelating Bits hires globally and contributes to different movements worldwide. This business approach has yielded innovation and willpower to provide services to large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies. We also work with individuals, so don’t feel left out.

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