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Welcome to Pixelating Bits!

We are an the organization that is focused on your brand. Business or personal brands have become important in the 20th century; they are at the core of any business or successful individual. Pixelating Bits understands this and wants to help you build a successful brand. In the beginning, we did not see ourselves becoming branding experts; we only knew how to make excellent websites. But with time, we understood the connection between businesses, brands, and websites. This revelation provided a blueprint for identifying our customer’s pain points and addressing them. Pixelating Bits is specialized in website development, but over the years, we have been able to also develop skills for linking website development and other services.

We advise you, you call the right decision!

Our specialty is website development, but with time it is clear that that is not enough, so we have integrated other beneficial services to your brand. We do follow-ups to ensure our clients are satisfied because that is value for their money. The sections of this website provide detailed outlines of what we do, so feel free to look around.

Discover step-by-step guidance on how to build a website for a photographer, transforming their visual artistry into a captivating online showcase.


Pixelating Bits is a web development company that provides various services such as ongoing website maintenance and digital marketing.

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Upon your request, we will integrate SEO reporting on your website, which will help you monitor your website’s performance and progress. This service is closely related to international SEO strategies that are also provided by our team. Since we started with international clients, it seems thoughtful to add Global SEO as a service. On-page and Off-page SEO optimization are highly relevant in the modern business world, especially for clients with online stores and bloggers with WordPress websites. Pixelating Bits upon request will analyze your target audience, understand their demographics are provided insights that can be tweaked into your website to provide optimization. The essential services we provide for our clients are front-end and back-end because we believe that website should be aesthetically pleasing and technically simultaneously. Pixelating Bits professionals will work with you to create a website that works efficiently while providing a great user experience (UX).

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